Softwood Timbers

Radiata Pine

Treated radiata pine decking is available in a range of quality grades and sizes. Grades range from 2nd's through to Select. Commonly available sizes are 70x20mm, 90x20mm, and 140x25mm. It is easy to cut and work with, and will accept nails and screws easily without the need for pre-drilling. Of course it is still good practice to pre drill holes close to the ends of boards to prevent splitting.

Treated pine is best used undercover, as it is prone to warping, cupping and bowing when exposed to the sun. 

Golden Cypress

Golden Cypress is a treated pine decking product that has a much nicer appearance than regular treated radiata pine decking. It is mostly available from victoria as a salvaged and plantation product, and is available in the F7 Stress Grade. It is available in a variety of sizes, commonly 135x20mm. One great reason to consider using Golden Cypress is it is also available in large sections (up to 300 x 300mm) so great looking pergolas can be built to match your deck.

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